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Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood….

All Mr. Rodgers aside, it is a beautiful day outside and however much I want to pretend that I’m above pathetic fallacy of weather affecting my mood… I’m definitely not. Especially in the morning when sleep-brain still has most of the control and is easier to influence than cognition. Anyways.

Its official! I told my boss and now  feel comfortable telling others (aka, not very many people that read my blog) that I am officially going to be a MSW student come fall. I’m going part time for as long as I can so as to work with my work schedule, and as not thrilled as Cathy ways when I told her, she did extend any flexible schedule that makes sense for me when we come to that part where I have the whole internship situation. Anyways, I’m absolutely pumped to be a student again. I also feel like it will be reassuring to me in times of boredom or lack of challenge or frustration with the constraints of the advocate role- that I’m working my way somewhere better for me. I can’t wait. I’m nerdily excited for orientation on Friday. Yep, that big of a nerd.

Other than that, the public’s reaction to the death of Osama Bin Laden makes me quite anxious and unsettled. When I first heard (via facebook because I don’t twitter on the weekend) I wasn’t sure how to react. I mean, I know he was an awful man and is responsible for terrible things, but I don’t know that I can ever feel that great about the killing of someone. It also is clear to me that it is not the end of the US’s involvement in the Middle East and so how big the “victory” itself is, I’m not sure. It makes my stomach hurt when I read tweets “RIP Rest in Pain”- I just don’t see killing in either direction something to flaunt. I do understand the reaction of those who were more directly affected by 9/11- but I just wasn’t there, didn’t know anyone there, and at the age and situation I was in,  wasn’t sure how to take in the horrific event from so far away. I do love some of the camaraderie that comes out of events like these.  I think Rachel Maddow re-tweeted the story of a 9/11 widow on a plane receiving outpouring of kindness from all the other passengers (but oh how horrible to be stuck in such a public way with such personal pain!). Those are the only stories that give me real hope out of all the tragedy war brings. Sheesh, is it depressing stuff.