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Blowing, freezing rain

So glad today’s weather isn’t currently being reflected in my mood- Man! is it nasty, freezing, wet out today.

The Chicken woke me up 45 min early this morning with scratching the walls, knocking anything off of any surface and creating as much noise with her tiny claws as kittenly possible. So aggrivating but when I see an empty kitten food dish, no matter how full it was at bedtime last night, I cannot remain angry.


This picture isn’t from today, but how can you be mad at a Chicken who hangs out with you as much as possible. Like, this, just chilling and watching while I makeup for the day.

For work this morning I had to attend a training at a State building downtown. I always plan extra time for me to get lost, find parking etc just based on my lack of city skills, but the email reminder even threatened “not giving credit if we were late at all” … soo, I left a little earlier than I thought necessary. I had done my homework- mapped the way there on both google maps and my gps, studied the provided map of nearby parking structures that would be good options, and even checked out street-view for landmarks. I thought I was all good to go and when driving time was as predicted in my mapping, thought I was in the clear. Until I got there, and realized all my mental mapping etc was upside down and backwards direction-wise from where I was coming, and in the confusion that ensued before finishing my morning coffee, I ended up in not the closest parking garage, on the roof, and finding myself walking further than necessary in sideways falling, blowing, sleeting, freezing rain. Without a hat, or gloves. *sigh* this is the life of an unprepared Montana girl who still forgets the wonder of the umbrella and how you should probably just bring one with always, k?

The training was fine, nothing special, and I even made it in time to get credit despite my try at a couple directional fiascoes. I watched half an episode of Bones (my current favorite) while eating my lunch at home and meandered into the office to put in a few hours before heading to a talk on gang related business tonight. Thank goodness Greggo is willing to accompany. I don’t think my mental maps can take much more trying to find parking downtown anguish.


And thank goodness for this lovely surprise I found on my desk when I got here. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but whoever this Lush fairy was, I hope they strike again soon!