trying this one more time…

“..that I will be able to contain all my squee when that is a baby, and not the Chicken Adorable”- thought of the weekend while watching Greggo play mousey with a hot, lazy cat. It filled my heart with warmth and now I want a baby. Like, yesterday.


In other not nearly as heartwarming news, the ladies restroom at my work often smells of weird things (and I don’t mean poo, although, sometimes… I mean, it is a bathroom). I often walk in and get instantly confused by my nose. More than once there’s been a perfume scent that takes me so far back my ol’factory sense can only remember a rainy summer afternoon when I was about 5 or 6… nothing else. But one whiff and BAM! I’m there.


Today, it was a fake cotton candy scent. I… just have no idea how that happens. I’m all for all things sweet but can’t imagine layering on the saccharin sugar perfume, much less bringing it to work to re-layer in the restroom. Is that what is happening about these smells? I just don’t understand.


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