trying this one more time…

man oh manatees,

So again its been forever since I have written one of these. I actually have had quite a few things I could have blogged about and haven’t. So.. randomness: GO!

1. Last Monday was Greggo’s birthday. We celebrated a variety of ways. Went to a fancy place called Carnivore  on Saturday night with his parents. Its a pretty great way for us to try the nice restaurants we could never justify paying for ourselves so I appreciate when his parents come visit for that, among the general friendliness reasons :). It was a good time. I tried to wear the heels again that I killed myself wearing to his cousins wedding. It hurt and I only walked like, a total of maybe 4 blocks in them and through the restaurant. Too much. I can’t decide if it is those shoes or if I have lost my ability to wear heals because I’m too fat for my feel to hold up now, or because I just never wear them so my feet forgot, OR because I am just a sissier baby about shoe/foot pain now than I ever have been. I really can’t decide between the myriad of options there. None of them seem that plausable and then they all do at the same time. Important stuff really. Monday we both worked a little and then I made the cookies  out of the dough I had made the night before (the carrot cake cookie kind, yum) while Greg grilled dinner and then we left so strangers could come see if they want to live in our house after us. Then we went to a Brewers game. Quite fun, especially since I chose the player standing nearest to where we were sitting to be my “favorite of the game” and then he hit 3 big home runs and made a couple fancy catches and now hes probably just my “favorite of the Brewers”  🙂 I also gave Greggo some presents and stuff.

2. Last weekend we went folfing two times. Once Saturday morning (lovely, just lovely) and once on Sunday early afternoon (less than lovely). We remember now that we don’t go folfing in the early afternoon in case you get stuck in lines the whole way through following a family of 6 where the kids throw straight into the woods “for fun!” and a group that consisted of a douche bag that could have come straight off the Jersey Shore and his girlfriend who decided appropriate folfing apparel included platform wedge flip flops, not-quite-crotch length shorts and a tube top that fell off her non-boobs every time she tried to throw. It was frustrating to say the least. Also suddenly like 90 degrees so it was also sweaty. However, the worst part of the outing happened when we got back to the car. I took off my sunglasses and went to flip down the visor to see the interesting pattens my melting makeup had left on my face and when I did… get ready for it… there was a HUGE FUCKING SPIDER in the middle of the mirror that preceded to fall(jump!) straight off onto (at!) me. I screamed bloody murder while poor Greg was driving and he didn’t kill me (nice of him, really) and pulled over to try to de-spider the car so that I could stop hyperventilation. I’m still a little wary of the passenger seat of his car but he bought me a DQ milkshake on the way home, so that helped.

3. I found a new blog long-lost best friend. I just read everything she writes and identify with it completely as I laugh at her hilariousness. Seriously, I wish it wasn’t so creepy to propose best friend hood over the interwebs. It also makes me want to quite being such a sissy cry baby on this blog and be a funny person. Probably won’t happen, but wth.

4. I don’t understand Tumblr really. I mean, I understand fbook, and blogs and twitter and youtube and I just don’t get tumblr. Maybe I should sign up for one and mess around? Idk…

5. This is the first Memorial Day Weekend in years (5? 6? 4? who knows.. I think 5) that I won’t be attending the glorious Sasquatch Music Festival. I actually think it started today… its a 4 day-er this year with lots of extra fun to celebrate the fact that I don’t get to go. Or that it is the 10th one. But it feels like they’re celebrating my absence.

6. My hometown is flooded. So weird. My sister keeps texting me pictures and one of them was of my brother and 2 nephews canoeing around the yard. Crazy. So much destruction and damage- roads gone, bridges gone, buildings ruined- and still it seems weird to talk about in light of the tornadoes in the south etc etc.  It is supposed to keep raining in Lewistown, though, and Memorial Day weekend is traditionally when my family makes about idk, at least a third of their yearly income. Thinking of my sis and her fam for that… but my brother and dad are there as well. Not to mention extended family… ok, moving on.

7. A girl who was in a lot of the same classes and I think all the same activities as me in college just friended my sister and cousin on facebook. Also, pretty much flat out disliked said girl and now she works with my sister and is friends with my cousins. Yuck. Sometimes I hate the small-town, small-world shit about Montana and I live in Milwaukee. Ugh. Also, said girl just bought a house and finished her Masters degree so even though I won all through school about getting elected and jobs and shit, I feel like she just won life a little bit.

Ok enough rambling for now. Arctic Monkey concert tonight- should be rad. I’m pretty excited 🙂


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  1. I always want to say about nine thousand things to your posts. For now all I remember is I SEE YOU SOON!

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