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Moving, moving

Well, Greggo and I checked out two horrible complex-type living situations over the last 24 hours and… its official- we’re moving. Ha. Now, we did hate both of the places we looked at but those are our worst case scenario type of options. We’re really hoping to be able to find a similar place to ours in a similar neighborhood for 100+ less per month. It does seem doable. But with the time frame of our lease, having to decide about moving before it really allowed for us to find a new place to live, is risky and difficult. We decided we were going for it though this morning, and I do feel like it was a smart choice. Financially, we need to be saving as much money as we can on living expenses to apply to the student loan and other debts situation. I hate debt so much! Not having a job right after an expensive move was not a good financial place for us and I feel like we’ll be paying it back for a while. I also feel like once we’re in better control of our finances it won’t make me so sick to think of spending ridiculous amounts of money on a wedding :S. Not that I want anything ridiculous, but it is all just so expensive.

Moving is always hard for me. I’m such an anxious introvert at heart that I feel like my home base is really important to my state of mind. Having people come look at our place on short notice for the last two months we’ll live there also feels quite stressful. We’re not a super messy couple, but we’re not neat freaks either. I feel like it will mean a lot more sweeping, dusting and decluttering than I feel is necessary for my every day life- on top of trying to find a new home and packing/sorting out junk…AHH! I also don’t really love the idea of strangers looking through my home on a regular basis. Ever since the Grinch stole our Christmas, this is something I’m extra worried about. I feel like the burglars probably kicked Spanish, or got her out of their way somehow when they were stealing our shit (she was so lonely I’m sure she was more desperate for attention than guard cat) and now I don’t really want strangers around her unsupervised. I do understand that this is a bit neurotic and illogical and that my cat is fine after the robbery whatever. I’m a crazy cat lady at heart and don’t feel the need to hide this from my blog :). I’m also quite sure that my *MAKEBABYMAKEBABY* hormones have attached to the cat in the meantime until my life is ready for that. So, hopefully my neuroses just means I’ll make a great mom 😀


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  1. I hear you about the feeling like spending money on the wedding is Nutz, even when you’re not being ridiculous. 🙂

    I hate, hate, hate showing the house. When we were looking at houses I tried to balance looking at the details and not nosing into their privacy. So weird.

    (I’m super protective of C’s cat. Not wrong! I wanted to beat the shit out of every single person who was at our house when she ended up locked in the basement overnight, just for possibly having had something to do with it.)

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