trying this one more time…

so I haven’t quite failed completely at the whole blogging business. I actually had clients at work for a little while. So that was… interesting. Challenging themes with what I will experience as an advocate with this population have emerged and well, they’re challenging. Working on reforming them in my head as more malleable and using my trauma informed language like a mantra – its not whats wrong with you. its what happened to you. repeat-

I also went to the End Violence Against Women International conference in Chicago for three days last week. Some really amazing speakers (and of course, a few who were less than amazing). I heard some of the leading experts in the field in which I work speak and was only slightly blown away. Don’t get me wrong, Dr. David Lisak is AMAZING, but it became clear to me that he is one of very few individuals of his caliber working in this field… and that was pretty depressing. I went with some of the other people who work in this field from Milwaukee, and aside from the age gap that made things less fun, I was sometimes shocked with how, hrm…how to put this correctly… not dumb exactly, but how they weren’t critical thinkers in the least. That I was in no way blown away by their intellect. I wondered many times how they reached the leadership roles in their respective organizations. I suppose they must be good “workers” (productive, timely, good at filling out forms), that maybe even they are great advocates, but not so much great thinkers.

Another message I came home from the conference thinking about is that we’re in a worse place, societally, than we were in 1990. The media was kinder to victims of rape and,  while maybe not as aware of the problem, there were far less people in the general public that was opposed to gender equality and other feminist ideals. I’m not speaking as eloquently on this as I’d like to be.. but it was definitely the main theme of what I learned. Well, that, and some really interesting thing about sexual offenders. But after thinking this, about the being worse off, and the not so good thinker point… well I guess I’m not so surprised. I need to move further up the ladder to effect better change. Because I can be a thinker (despite how poorly this is written) and this movement needs momentum.

Anyways, came home from Chicago and promptly caught the convention cold- that, teamed up with too much time spent with older lady colleagues made Friday a physical and mental health day for sure 🙂 The three day weekend treated me well. Time with Greggo and the Chick always makes me feel way better. Off to meet with the boss lady. Is Monday over yet?


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  1. Holy cannoli! How very cool that you got to go to the conference?

    I’m seeing more and more that I really enjoy micro practice, but social policy is where it’s at for broad-scale change. Sort of frustrating.

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