trying this one more time…

Vision is a good thing.



I mean, like sight. Not saying that foresight and goals are good things too, but ya know, not so up to date on those ones so we’re just going with being able to see.

As I feel about most purchases I spent more money than I’m comfortable on, I have mixed feelings about the glasses since retrieving them from LensCrafters. I mean, I do love them, just don’t know if I love them on me. Not sure how I missed how lopsided my ears are while trying on a million pairs. I’m half convinced the guy twisted them in the wrong direction while adjusting, so instead of compensating, he compounded the issue. Yeah… I’ll just keep telling myself that. 😀

Still not sure how my glasses beat the contact I ordered a week before that had a shorter wait time, but its probably best to have the glasses first. Putting them on and trying to wear them at the mall yesterday reminded me of the first time I ever smoked pot in high school. Couldn’t quite get my barings and quick motions really threw me off. If I’m honest, the first stoned experience was Significantly more drastic what with getting lost, losing our friends and the way back to the hotel. All in all a great time and not so much for that with the new vision. However, waking up this morning and starting fresh with 2020 has been great. I’m sure I’ll work through my self concious phase, or… at least get used to a new insecurity. (Like, currently don’t feel like I can pull off such bold frames without my hair down- but at least that gives me motivation to style/wash it more often-ha!) I tried to take a picture to post, and only halfway suceeded. Turns out, taking pictures of yourself at work, while someone could just appear in your doorway at anytime tends to make one a bit nervous! Anways, this is all I ended up with, apologies for the blur.


This is what most of my attempts looked like..


The best I could do... not a happy face, oh well.


Comments on: "Vision is a good thing." (1)

  1. I *love* the frames!

    Laughing my ass off thinking about the first time you got stoned.

    I used to be terrified of bold glasses, but now I absolutely hide behind them.

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