trying this one more time…

because I don’t do anything. No really, my life= so boring. This weekend so far I have:

1. Gone to the Planned Parenthood  rally for Milwaukee. Which would have been a great place to take pictures for this. I really wanted one of Greggo and I in front of the Huge BRIGHT PINK Bus…. but alas, i suck at remembering to take pictures. Also the fact that it was so cold by the time we left I literally could not feel my feet anymore and my hands didn’t want to move so much either, definitely did not help. Anyways, picture out cute faces right in front of this:

I was actually really surprised by the amount of people there… in a not so good way. I can imagine that many people coming to a rally in Bozeman, if not more. I’m sure the time (4pm) and the temperature (f*ding* cold) didn’t help… but still. Disappointed in numbers, but the speakers rocked!

2. Spent the next 2-3 hours or so in a nice Lush bath to warm up. I love that the bath bombs I got from work are ones I haven’t picked out for myself. It reminds me that while they may not be my favorite scents (karma bubble bar and avo bath bath bomb) doesn’t mean they don’t make awesome and beautiful baths.I should have taken a picture of the pinky purple water.. but I don’t allow myself phone access near water like that. TOO expensive to ruin in my bathtub. And I’m thinking the pink and purple rings around my tub wont have the same beautiful effect :)

image image


A-DOR-A-BLE Spanish likes to take a steam in between the shower curtains when I shower after bathing… Although, she’s a bit more reluctant to get out than I am, and that’s saying something!


3. Bones. In the tub and for most of yesterday (literally, I did very little else. Kind of disgusting) I hacked my way through half of season 5 of Bones. Man do I love this show. I’ve been missing Hodgins a little this season but I’m hoping the current story line is going to involve him more!

4. And now for today.. yet to  be determined. We woke up early, coffeed and breakfasted and then comenced the Sunday clean. I swept my way through the whole house, and Greggo threw our bedding in the wash. If wordpress hadn’t glitched about here you would see my disgust with carpets after realizing how much I sweep up regularly, but I can’t be bothered to type it out any longer than this. So now, to Bones or not to Bones, to shower, or not to shower, becomes the big questions…Although, my general plan not to change out of my PJs has just been altered as LensCrafters called and my glasses are in! My glasses which were not expected for 2 more weeks, beat my contacts which were supposed to be here 10 days ago. Interesting but whatev! I’m finally going to be able to see! It will have to wait though. Span and i just got quarantined by recently mopped floors to the bedroom for a while.. not that I’m complaining. Bones, here I come!


The Chick doesn't care if the bed has no sheets...


Comments on: "Oh now I remember why I haven’t kept up with these blogs.." (1)

  1. I’m jealous you got to go to the Pink Bus rally! I had half a day’s notice and had a work meeting scheduled. GRUMPY.

    My today will be similar: I’ve made cookies, looked at renting summer camps/lodge for the wedding (no go, either taken/too small), and prepped most of the stuff for the trip to Montana. I’m about to bake cookies for the ride and clean the house, shave my legs, paint my toenails, and then relax in front of the TV. C has been slaving away making our wedding website, that wonderful man!

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